Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible NLT  By Tyndale                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I must admit when it comes to Bibles I  can't get enough of them.The fact that I'am a Minister
I enjoy all types of translated Bibles with now more than 75 in my collection,I now add another one and i must say I'am enjoying it greatly.Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible from Tyndale is a great read.
Taken from the long published Our Daily Bread Devotionals which I might add I have been a subscriber of  for many years.This Bible has really informative narratives at the beginning of each book giving detailed and historical information and facts of the times.The bible itself is New Living Translation which was the first Bible i ever bought,and the translation is easy to understand .Young as well as old can understand this translation with ease.A very well put together Bible which is what you would expect from the best publisher around  in Tyndale.This Bible also has the best of both worlds.The word of God as well as Our Daily Bread Devotional notes just like their long lasting publication.Hardback cover for long lasting,and 1421 pages.This Bible I would recommend to all children,men and women alike.Buy this Bible you won't regret it.


Monday, October 1, 2012



The Gaither Homecoming Bible

By Edited by Gloria Gaither and Bill Gaither

Let me start by saying, I love Bibles.Being a Minister I love to read and study from different interpretations of  God's word.This Bible is no exception to the rule. Done nicely The Gaither Homecoming Bible is a name you know and have come to love over the years.Bill and Gloria Gaither have brought a great bible for everyone.The excerpts from a who's who in christian music are very well placed throughout the Bible,and are very helpful in your learning more about God's word.The hyms at the beggining of each chapter is wonderfully done and the art is great. All i can truly say is well done! i would tell everyone and will tell everyone that they need to get this awesome Bible.