Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twelve Unlikely Heroes by John Macarthur

I always like to find a book that i like so much that i get my hi-lighter out and go to town.In this case I found that book in Twelve Unlikely Heroes by Thomas Nelson Publishing.I loved reading this for the notes alone.The book centers around lesser known people in the Bible,and it tells their stories and shows us that God can use anyone at anytime for his will.We have to understand we are all created in his image and with a purpose .This wonderfully written book by Pastor John Macarthur once again he delivers with a great book with answers to what we seek.Are you someone who is wondering why you are here and what does God want you to do? This is defnately  a must read for you.The stories are told like you've never read them and so easy to understand.This is a book i will read again just to remind me  that  God can use me like he can use anyone.Must read Purchase this book it will change your walk with God. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible NLT  By Tyndale                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I must admit when it comes to Bibles I  can't get enough of them.The fact that I'am a Minister
I enjoy all types of translated Bibles with now more than 75 in my collection,I now add another one and i must say I'am enjoying it greatly.Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible from Tyndale is a great read.
Taken from the long published Our Daily Bread Devotionals which I might add I have been a subscriber of  for many years.This Bible has really informative narratives at the beginning of each book giving detailed and historical information and facts of the times.The bible itself is New Living Translation which was the first Bible i ever bought,and the translation is easy to understand .Young as well as old can understand this translation with ease.A very well put together Bible which is what you would expect from the best publisher around  in Tyndale.This Bible also has the best of both worlds.The word of God as well as Our Daily Bread Devotional notes just like their long lasting publication.Hardback cover for long lasting,and 1421 pages.This Bible I would recommend to all children,men and women alike.Buy this Bible you won't regret it.


Monday, October 1, 2012



The Gaither Homecoming Bible

By Edited by Gloria Gaither and Bill Gaither

Let me start by saying, I love Bibles.Being a Minister I love to read and study from different interpretations of  God's word.This Bible is no exception to the rule. Done nicely The Gaither Homecoming Bible is a name you know and have come to love over the years.Bill and Gloria Gaither have brought a great bible for everyone.The excerpts from a who's who in christian music are very well placed throughout the Bible,and are very helpful in your learning more about God's word.The hyms at the beggining of each chapter is wonderfully done and the art is great. All i can truly say is well done! i would tell everyone and will tell everyone that they need to get this awesome Bible.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Open Bible (NKJV)

The Open Bible (NKJV)

I'm a Minister and i must have over 60 bibles,and this is a very good study bible.The Open Bible is from
the Thomas Nelson Signature Series of bibles and it does not disappoint the reader.Jammed full of maps,notes and easy to read narratives this bible makes it easy for even the newest converts of Christ.
Thomas Nelson did their homework on what a reader wants in a bible to learn and grow in God's word. They have not missed the mark.There is no way you cant use this bible and not come away with more knowledge than you had before . I would recommend this bible to anyone who is looking for an easier way to learn and study God's word.A must have ! Buy this bible you can't go wrong!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KJV Bride's Bible Published by Thomas Nelson

KJV Bride's Bible

Published by Thomas Nelson

I had the privilege of being allowed to review this wonderful well put together bible from Thomas Nelson
signature series bible collection.I have reviewed some of these bibles in the past and i can truly say they are all well thought ,planned bibles and designed with a purpose.The Bride's Bible is designed specifically for what it says , it's a bible to give a bride on her wedding day .It's a thin line edition small able to carry in a purse or pocket and has a very pretty cover.In the front it has places to present it to bride on her wedding day and places to put pictures .The back has maps of the biblical time . It has red print where Jesus spoke,and it is King James Version and has special wedding section for memories .This would be a great wedding gift to a bride ,one she will keep forever and oh yeah it comes with a lifetime gurantee. I reccomend this bible as a gift to a bride or just to yourself. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JacksonThe Iron-Willed Commander

By Paul Vickery

I have read every book in this series of The Generals,being a fan of history i have enjoyed each one of them.
I must admit just knew a few things about Andrew Jackson,but after reading this book i've gained so much more knowledge on the man he was.Paul Vickery has done his homework on this book.Backed up by facts and truths he digs deep into this man of many titles,and lets you feel his achievements as you read along.Anyone who loves history i highly reccomend you buying this book. you will not be dissapointed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What You Need to Know About Bible Prophecy

12 Lessons That Can Change Your Life

By Max Anders
I must confess,I was skeptic about this book . Anytime I hear Bible Prophecy it makes me think.
"This is going to be something off the grid"
I can honestly say ,I was wrong .This book not only give an insightful look at the End Times! It backs it up
with factual scripture from the word of God.This book is a wonderful study guide into our last days,and what will happen and how.It has wonderful questions after each chapter.This is great for a small study group.The writer takes you on a journey of the end days and teaches you to prepare and be ready.
I can safely say this book is worth the read and worth getting together with some people in a study group .great read!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuck DVD-Based Study

By Jennie Allen

First and foremost let me say this is the first time i have reviewed anything like this and i'm glad i chose it.
I waited awhile before i reviewed this .I wanted to get a group of christian women ,since it is centered around them to let them go through they study.I must say this was simply put an awesome study and exercise.The issues not just women but all of us deal with daily this dvd study really teaches and shows
you how to handle these strongholds that keep you bound down everyday.Backed by biblical scripture and very good teaching this dvd study is well worth the time to do.To all people out there who would like to get a better handle on those things keeping you from growing spiritually i recomend purchasing this and use at church as a bible study class .It's worth every dime and your time. Get this !