Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KJV Bride's Bible Published by Thomas Nelson

KJV Bride's Bible

Published by Thomas Nelson

I had the privilege of being allowed to review this wonderful well put together bible from Thomas Nelson
signature series bible collection.I have reviewed some of these bibles in the past and i can truly say they are all well thought ,planned bibles and designed with a purpose.The Bride's Bible is designed specifically for what it says , it's a bible to give a bride on her wedding day .It's a thin line edition small able to carry in a purse or pocket and has a very pretty cover.In the front it has places to present it to bride on her wedding day and places to put pictures .The back has maps of the biblical time . It has red print where Jesus spoke,and it is King James Version and has special wedding section for memories .This would be a great wedding gift to a bride ,one she will keep forever and oh yeah it comes with a lifetime gurantee. I reccomend this bible as a gift to a bride or just to yourself. 

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