Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twelve Unlikely Heroes by John Macarthur

I always like to find a book that i like so much that i get my hi-lighter out and go to town.In this case I found that book in Twelve Unlikely Heroes by Thomas Nelson Publishing.I loved reading this for the notes alone.The book centers around lesser known people in the Bible,and it tells their stories and shows us that God can use anyone at anytime for his will.We have to understand we are all created in his image and with a purpose .This wonderfully written book by Pastor John Macarthur once again he delivers with a great book with answers to what we seek.Are you someone who is wondering why you are here and what does God want you to do? This is defnately  a must read for you.The stories are told like you've never read them and so easy to understand.This is a book i will read again just to remind me  that  God can use me like he can use anyone.Must read Purchase this book it will change your walk with God. 

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