Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuck DVD-Based Study

By Jennie Allen

First and foremost let me say this is the first time i have reviewed anything like this and i'm glad i chose it.
I waited awhile before i reviewed this .I wanted to get a group of christian women ,since it is centered around them to let them go through they study.I must say this was simply put an awesome study and exercise.The issues not just women but all of us deal with daily this dvd study really teaches and shows
you how to handle these strongholds that keep you bound down everyday.Backed by biblical scripture and very good teaching this dvd study is well worth the time to do.To all people out there who would like to get a better handle on those things keeping you from growing spiritually i recomend purchasing this and use at church as a bible study class .It's worth every dime and your time. Get this !

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